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Plumbing FAQS

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1. Why does my Faucet Leak?

Ans. Faucets leak because of worn out washers. The professional plumber will cut off the water coming to the tap, then dismantle both cold and hot water assemblies to replace old washers. You can help extend the life of your new washers by gently closing the handle and not putting a lot of undue pressure by tightening unreasonably.


2.How does my drain get clogged?

Ans. Hair and soap are the main culprits in drains. Oils, grease, and food will clog pipes. If the drain remains clogged after using a plunger, call a professional plumber to open the plumbing and clean it.


3.Can I extend the life of my pipes and water using appliances?

Ans. Installing a water condition to soften the water will prolong the life of pipes, water heaters, and appliances.


4.How can I prevent leaks in pipes?

Ans. Inspect pipes for lime deposits or rust build-up. Contact your professional plumber for pipe replacement or repair. Leaks cause expensive damage to a home.


5.What do I do about my water heater leaking?

Ans. Call your professional plumber johns creek to have a new water heater installed. The water heater will only leak if the tank is rusted through. No repair works better than just replacing the water heater.


6.What if the toilet runs sporadically during the night?

Ans. The running toilet wastes water and therefore money. Call your professional plumber to fix the problem.


7.What should I not put in my garbage disposal?

Ans. Shells from any shellfish, corn husks, large bones, plastic, glass, metal, and tin foil don't belong in garbage disposals. Small bones, eggshells, and food items go into the disposal and are ground with no problem. Grinding small amounts of ice help keep the disposal smelling fresh. Always run cold water while your disposal is being used to keep grease flowing out of the pipes.


8.What is the average life of a water heater?

Ans. Depending on water quality, proper installation, and frequency of use, it will probably outlast its guaranty.
Buy the best water heater you can afford and have a profession plumber install it.


9.My sewer pipe developed a leak and it runs under my garage. Can it be repaired without tearing out the garage?

Ans. There is a remedy called cured in place pipe repair. A new pipe will line your old pipe to stop the leak without digging up any pipe or disturbing any existing structures.
Your old tube is the host pipe, and the new pipe forms chemically inside the old pipe.


10.My house is old and has ancient steel plumbing. Do I have to re-pipe the entire building with expensive copper tubing?

Ans. There is a new pipe called Pex pipe that can be pulled through the walls using your old plumbing as a guide. The Pex pipe is small and flexible like a water hose but is strong and holds water pressure like copper pipe. Your professional plumber can install this pipe at very reasonable costs because the labor and parts are inexpensive.